what’s this all about?

what’s this all about?

I honestly have no idea where this image came from. If it's yours...can I use it?

@JesusNeverSaid started as a chuckle.

I was driving down the road thinking about Jesus’ and his interactions with people and thought “What if the human side of Jesus were a little more obvious, a little more highlighted in scripture?”.  Thoughts of Jesus loosing his patience or being sarcastic made me chuckle.  The thought of Jesus turning to His disciples and yelling “Shut Up!  Would you guys just shut up!”  was in such stark contrast to the image of the patient, meek and mild Jesus that had been painted for me all these years…I just couldn’t help but laugh.  So I hopped online and created @JesusNeverSaid in hopes of entertaining a few others out there who might find humor in the contrast, humor in hearing Jesus say things that are more human than divine.

My intentions were not to make fun of Jesus but rather to make people laugh at the contrast of the frankly boring image of Christ that most of us have grown up with and the picture that I paint of a more sarcastic, silly, human Jesus.  The honest truth is that some of the tweets I put out are a more accurate picture of our nature than that of Jesus.  They show how we would probably react in comparison with the way Jesus generally responded, thus revealing just how divine our savior truly is.  Others are just plain goofy, and still others are probably only funny to me and I’m OK with that.

I have been accused by some of being blasphemous, insensitive and…well…not funny.  However one follower commented that the tweets make him think, and that is probably the greatest compliment I could receive.

I did set guidelines.  First of all I don’t joke about the crucifixion or the resurrection.  The crucifixion and resurrection are central to Christianity and the single greatest acts of love and redemption that any man has performed for another.  I don’t go there.  Second, I don’t cuss or get vulgar.  There are a thousand words and crude phrases that I could cite as something Jesus never said, but I won’t.  Besides, it takes a lot more creativity to come up with clean tweets than it does to lean on the crude and vulgar.

who is @JesusNeverSaid

I’ll never tell…mwahahahaha.  OK, I’ll tell a little.  I’m a full-time follower of Christ, a full-time husband, a full-time father of 3, and I have a full-time job.  I live WOTP.  I have a dog and I don’t like cats.  I like the colour blue, good barbecue and homemade ice cream.

why a blog?

Sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough.  I have thoughts “beyond the funny” and I want to share them.  I’m really not sure how this blog is going to evolve; it’s going to be a little Jesus never said, a little pop culture, a little Christian culture, a little…you get the idea.  This is the beginning of finding a voice beyond the tweets.  Ultimately, if it starts some new conversations, brings new perspective to some old ones and forces a few of us to “think” then, as Jesus never said, “I’m cool with that”.



3 thoughts on “what’s this all about?

  1. Hullo JesusNeverSaid! I like this idea. I also believe God has a funny side.

    I’m guessing you’re not a Born Again/Protestant A.K.A. “Christian”? Because those dudes wouldn’t laugh whenever I make this kind of jokes about Jesus. Too serious, yes.

    Anyway, I just came across your site. Keep writing and making us laugh. 🙂

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