dusty people

I recently attended a meeting in which we took communion.  It was impromptu and unexpected and a very simple setup.  During the serving of communion the organizers played “Beautiful Things” by Gungor.  I had heard the song several times before but was struck by the single line

you make beautiful things out of the dust

It got me thinking about dust.  Oh not the biblical kind of dust that God created us out of but the annoying, coats your furniture, gets in your nose kind of dust.

In our world dust equals neglect.  If something is covered with dust it hasn’t been touched or moved or worse yet played with for a very long time.  It hasn’t been held or opened up and it probably hasn’t even been looked at or noticed for quite a while.  If something is described as dusty, it’s considered old and outdated, it’s probably unwanted and forgotten, and the word dusty certainly doesn’t conjure up images of attractiveness or beauty.

But God makes beautiful things out of the dust, out of dusty lives and dusty people.  People who feel neglected, unwanted, forgotten, outdated, unattractive and ugly.  People who haven’t been held or touched or opened or played with for a very long time, dusty people.  God can blow the dust off of them, he can clean them up, he can open them up, he can fill them with his spirit, he can let them know that they are not forgotten, that they are wanted and that they are beautiful in his eyes.  God can make beautiful things out of dusty people.

Enjoy the song