sounds that grip parents with fear

My kids are early risers, all 3 of them.  Saturday mornings at our house start no later than 7AM.  I am always amazed when friends mention sleeping til 9 or later on Saturday because that just doesn’t happen around our house.  On a recent Saturday morning, early Saturday morning, I was lying in bed trying to muster the energy to get up and I could hear the kids playing in the den.  I knew if I didn’t get up they would barge in and wake their mother up and that would just ruin everybody’s day (Amen?!).  Suddenly I heard pots and pans, my pulse quickened, my thoughts raced…thus the inspiration for this post…sounds that grip parents with fear early in the morning (dum, dum, duuuum)

  • pots and pans
  • the pitter patter of little feet, then THUD!
  • the pitter patter of little feet coming down the stairs then THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD…(wait for it)…THUD!
  • the pitter patter of little feet…on the roof (OK, that’s pretty much scary any time of the day)
  • power tools
  • the car starting
  • the garage door going up
  • duct tape being pulled off the roll
  • someone saying “How do you light this?”
  • the blender or mixer
  • the smoke alarm
  • someone saying “Watch this!” then hearing the dog yelp and claw at your door
  • the repeated opening of the fridge door
  • whispers just outside your bedroom door
  • whispers then giggles just outside your bedroom door

and finally, the sound that scares me most early in the morning…

  • complete silence…that’s when I know they are really up to something.

Add to the list, this ought to be fun.



people who “make no apologies” should

I recently overheard one person speaking of another person say that she is “comfortable with who she is and she makes no apologies for it“…really?

This didn’t sit well with me and I was forced to ponder why I suddenly was taken back by this statement.  Here are my unapologetic thoughts.

If a someone says “she makes no apologies for it (it being her personality, behavior, attitude, etc.)” then that begs the questions what is so obviously different and disturbing about this person that an apology would be necessary.  And if an apology is necessary and they won’t make it then why would I want to know or get involved with this person.  And if she is “comfortable with who she is” but the rest of us would believe that she needs to apologize for who she is, wouldn’t that get real uncomfortable after a while?  Us waiting for her to apologize, her oblivious of her need to apologize.  It’s like talking to someone with a booger vibrating in their nostril, or with a pee spot on their pants, or with food in their beard and feeling the tension between their embarrassment when the realize it and their potential embarrassment if you tell them.  I digress.  Let’s be honest, people who say “I make no apology!” generally need to and when you feel obliged to tell the rest of us that “she makes no apology” for “being comfortable with who she is” you probably aren’t very comfortable with who she is either, or with who you are in relation to her.

I’m comfortable with who I am about 25% of the time, 65% of the time I’m apologizing for who I am, and the last 10% of the time I just gave up on a long time ago…sorry about that.  Oh dang, I just apologized.  Sorry…crap!

Just for fun,


new puppy lessons

A while back we rescued a puppy from a local shelter.  Our kids were getting older and had been badgering us for a serious pet.  It seems that the interactive capabilities of our beta fish were just a little too lacking for their liking.  So we actually researched, found a good shelter and welcomed a new little bundle of joy into our home.  What follows are just a few of the lessons I’ve learned from our new puppy.

  • Any & all items of clothing, toys or food left unattended become the property of the puppy.
  • If you’re a parent, be prepared to explain sniffing & licking
  • Puppies loose that cute puppy smell when they roll around on wet grass.
  • Beanie babies are not filled with beans but plastic beads…and so was the puppy…for a little while at least.
  • Nothing is as simultaneously cute & frightening as waking up nose to nose w/ a tail wagging pup.
  • When you’re home sick…nobody loves you like the puppy.
  • Most every argument with your spouse ends when the puppy starts licking your toes.
  • Puppy gas is not nearly as cute as puppy breath
  • Puppy poop is not nearly as easy to clean up as big dog poop.
  • Before puppy…Barbie; After puppy…massive headwound Barbie.
  • What goes in must come out. Follow the puppy around long enough and you’ll get your Lego back.


thoughts from vacation…

The family and I got away for some much needed down time last week.  What follows are just a few of my memories and observations.

I saw a shooting start in the night sky over the Gulf of Mexico.  I’m very small, our God is very big.

My sons learned how to skim board.  I will never forget my oldest son looking up to find me after each and every attempt.  I realized that seeking daddy’s approval is truly a part of us all and I was so thankful that I was there to give him a thumbs up or a way to go.  Sidenote: I learned that rating wipeouts on a coolness scale makes them less painful, to the body and the ego.

We visited the National Naval Aviation Museum, Fort Barrancas and Fort Morgan.  Standing next to all of those intricately engineered planes and walking through the massive fortresses caused me to reflect on the American spirit and the men and women who keep us free and safe and I found myself very thankful for a sacrifice that I will never know or fully understand.

I heard a Bruno Mars song and realized that I don’t like Bruno Mars. (I’m putting together a post for this one)

We ate at Lambert’s Cafe (why oh why?!) and I found myself very disgusted at the gluttony of Americans.

My wife started using Evernote.  OK this may not sound like a big deal but if you knew my wife you’d know it is a big deal.  At one point she looked at me, as I was answering some of her questions on how to use Evernote, and said “This is turning you on isn’t it?“.  I nervously chuckled and moved on to the next question…hee hee.

The kids watched several videos on the way down and back, the Disney classics led to some funny quotes.

While watching Snow White my 8 year old remarked “She’s touching all of those animals with rabies, who’s stupid enough to do that?

While watching Pinocchio my 10 year old said “Uh dad, he just said jackass and Pinocchio is having a beer and a cigar…what’s up with that?

We had to rely on our neighbor to get our mail and pick our dog up from boarding because we were stuck in traffic.  Good neighbors are hard to find and a true blessing.

I hope your summer vacation was a good one.