jns basics


OK, I’ve noticed some confusion so I’m going to try and clear a few things up.

JNS is short for @jesusneversaid

When I tweet something in quotes, that’s a Jesus never said.

When I tweet something without quotes, that’s just me talking.

Simple enough buuuuut some of my followers don’t seem to get it so I thought I’d explain.



in the beginning…

Well here it is, I’m taking the plunge, blazing a trail, writing a new chapter,…you get the point…I’ve started a blog.  Why?  In part because I can (thank God for America and WordPress) and in part because I want to.

What you can expect?  Randomness peppered with thoughtfulness spiced with a dash of spirituality and comedy as well as a smidgen of intellectual discourse.  What you won’t get is a lengthy post every day on “5 Ways to Have a Better Prayer Life” or “3 Ways to Raise Better Kids“.  Those topics may come up but they are not the focus of what I plan on doing here.  I hope it will be entertaining, I hope it will be thought provoking, I hope it will be a place you look forward to spending a few minutes of your day because you get something out of it.  I plan to post twice a week, most likely Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If I build it and if you come then I will keep on posting, if not then as we say around our house “we will jump off that bridge when we get to it”.

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