people who “make no apologies” should

I recently overheard one person speaking of another person say that she is “comfortable with who she is and she makes no apologies for it“…really?

This didn’t sit well with me and I was forced to ponder why I suddenly was taken back by this statement.  Here are my unapologetic thoughts.

If a someone says “she makes no apologies for it (it being her personality, behavior, attitude, etc.)” then that begs the questions what is so obviously different and disturbing about this person that an apology would be necessary.  And if an apology is necessary and they won’t make it then why would I want to know or get involved with this person.  And if she is “comfortable with who she is” but the rest of us would believe that she needs to apologize for who she is, wouldn’t that get real uncomfortable after a while?  Us waiting for her to apologize, her oblivious of her need to apologize.  It’s like talking to someone with a booger vibrating in their nostril, or with a pee spot on their pants, or with food in their beard and feeling the tension between their embarrassment when the realize it and their potential embarrassment if you tell them.  I digress.  Let’s be honest, people who say “I make no apology!” generally need to and when you feel obliged to tell the rest of us that “she makes no apology” for “being comfortable with who she is” you probably aren’t very comfortable with who she is either, or with who you are in relation to her.

I’m comfortable with who I am about 25% of the time, 65% of the time I’m apologizing for who I am, and the last 10% of the time I just gave up on a long time ago…sorry about that.  Oh dang, I just apologized.  Sorry…crap!

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One thought on “people who “make no apologies” should

  1. Amen! I think that there’s a difference between being sorry for who you are (identity, color, size, background) and apologizing for what you do (attitude, behavior, etc).

    Great call out. Most people who “make no apologies” are jerkfaces.

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