pulling the plug on twitter (sort of)

I’ve complained more than once in recent months about the DM spam that is filling up my inbox.  My solution; unfollow anyone from whom I receive DM spam.  Unfortunately this hasn’t helped.  Then a week or so ago I read Michael Hyatt’s post “Why I Stopped Following You on Twitter” and found myself more than a little emboldened to take the “radical” approach that Michael took…

unfollow everyone and start over.

Now I don’t have 100,000+ followers like Michael and I certainly don’t have his influence, credibility or demand.  People aren’t knocking my door down to interview me, send me a new product or ask me to support their latest project, but they are spamming me and I’m tired of it.

Just like Michael I do expect to loose some followers, I’m sorry if you’re one of them.  And just like Michael I plan on building my follow list back to a manageable and healthy list of those who support my tweets, my blog and interact with me on a regular basis.

I’m posting this on Friday at Noon and around 2PM I plan on pulling the plug.  Stay tuned to see how this whole thing plays out.  Oh, and if you do want to interview me, send me a product or ask me to support your latest project you can always email me at jesusneversaid@gmial.com.



4 thoughts on “pulling the plug on twitter (sort of)

  1. I think the unfollow approach works on a case by case basis. Kind of like email spam, but instead of changing your address you can disconnect from spammers.

    P.S. Did you misspell Gmail on purpose to avoid spambots? 🙂

  2. I’m sorry to hear of your spam attack. That is truly unfortunate. I look forward to your posts each time I get on twitter. In fact I, more often than not, copy it to Facebook (giving you credit of course) for those of my friends who haven’t succumb to the awesomeness that is twitter. 🙂 I hope this doesn’t mean that you’re giving up on twitter completely. That would make me sad.
    I hope that you have a fantastic day, and that the flaws of twitter don’t scare you off forever.
    Thank you for your (semi)daily sarcastic encouragement.
    Aka @yerduaboo

    • Audrey, thanks for the kind words and for keeping my tweets alive :-). I’m not leaving twitter. I’ve actually had my personal twitter account since 07, so I’ve seen the spam cycles come and go. I don’t plan on leaving twitter, just cleaning up my account.

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