What I’ve learned about blogging so far

I haven’t posted anything in 3 weeks; in part because I’m in a very busy season and in part because I wasn’t prepared.  I hadn’t prepared any rainy day posts and so I went silent.  I hated knowing that I had posted twice a week for 2 straight months and now my blog was just sitting, inactive and boring, generating nothing new.  I’m trying to get back on track and for my first post back I’ve listed a few lessons I’ve learned about blogging during these past couple of months of fumbling through the process.

Be conscious of your schedule and plan ahead

I should have had a few post prepared ahead of the blow up in my schedule, or at least some re-post scheduled.

Don’t overthink your posts

For 2 reasons.  One, I simply don’t have the time to devote 30 or 45 minutes to writing a post.  I must be able to clearly say what I want to say in 15 minutes or so.  When I overthink I stagnate, and when i stagnate I can’t write, and when I can’t write I overthink, and when I overthink….aaarrrgghh.  You get the point.  Second, when I allow myself to overthink and overwork my post they get out of hand and rather schizophrenic.  Nothing is worse to me than a rambling post that goes nowhere and has no center.  My soulution, use Evernote to jot notes throughout the day and come back to them later.  During the writing process, when the overthinking begins, save my post as a draft and come back to it another time.

Don’t check your stats every day, but learn how to read them

It’s so tempting to check the stats on my blog every day, multiple times per day, but I’ve learned that I need to use them as a tool to understand how folks are finding my blog, what they are reading, and what they’re not.  Instead of an indicator of my success I need to view the stats as a tool to be more successful.

Including the keywords “sex” and “video” in a blog post or tags will drive some serious traffic to your blog

This cracks me up.  I have more traffic on one video post than any other post simply because of people searching the key words “sex” or “sex video”.  Obviously I wouldn’t intentionally add these keywords to my post tags but it does make me realize how tagging your post the right way can bring traffic and help people find what they’re looking for on your blog…even if it is a porn video.

Finding a voice is harder than I thought it would be

I had ideas for what I wanted this blog to be.  Funny, thought-provoking, entertaining, a place where discussions could take place, but figuring out my voice and how to bring all of these characteristics together is more difficult than I expected.  I imagine that those who blog in a specific industry or write only about certain topics have a little easier time finding that voice.  I know it will come with practice and refinement but how it will look and sound I’m just not sure.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, just a few of the thoughts that popped into my head.  I’m sure I will be writing this post all over again in another year or so and it will look very different from the way it does right now.



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