Sir Ken Robinson’s thought-provoking words

My wife and I recently attended curriculum night at our kids’ elementary school.  If you’re not familiar with curriculum night, its basically the point at which the teachers get to tell the parents all about the curriculum that the kids will be studying during the school year.  If your kids are in 1st grade you attend the 1st grade presentation and so on.  Our boys are both in a supplemental gifted program and the gifted teacher showed the video below during her presentation.  I must give props to the teacher for having the guts to show this video; one because it’s rather long (almost 12 minutes) and two because it flies in the face of much of what education is doing these days.

The video made me think, it challenged me and it also gave language to much of what I believe about education but had never voiced or attempted to flesh out.  I have heard of Sir Ken Robinson but had never looked into his work; after hearing this I find myself quickly becoming a fan.

I must make a disclaimer here so you can understand some of the filter through which I processed this video; my wife is a teacher, though inactive at the moment, I have 3 children in elementary school and they are completely unique in each and every way, and lastly one of my children takes Adderall for ADHD.  All that said, I wholeheartedly believe that Sir Ken Robinson is on the right track here and that our education system is horribly ineffective in many ways and downright damaging in others.  I’d love to know what you think…if you have the patience to watch it all the way through.


2 thoughts on “Sir Ken Robinson’s thought-provoking words

  1. This is a really great article. My wife is an educator and I think much of what is said here will resonate with her. I consider her the expert on the topic but I have found in many teaching contexts in which I’ve been a variety of learning styles are not addressed.

    Thanks for posting it. Very thought provoking

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